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 Construction Begins for Paseo de Luces!





The City of Tolleson is proud to announce the kick-off of an exciting project that will have a positive impact on Tolleson’s future: Downtown Tolleson is getting a makeover and the City is being revitalized.  The project, and Tolleson's Downtown, is officially titled the “Paseo de Luces”, or "Path of Lights".

The project includes improvements to Van Buren Street, from 91st to 96th Avenue, to develop a vibrant destination environment with a true sense of place for the community.  The project, known as "Paseo de Luces", will build upon Tolleson's rich history and culture. Additional aesthetic improvements may also take place between 96th Avenue and 99th Avenue.  Some of the improvements include bike lanes, wide tree-shaded sidewalks, signage, landscaping, lighting, street furnishings, and artwork in collaboration with West Valley Arts Council's Gallery 37 Program.  A center turn lane will also be maintained; there is no plan for a raised median as part of the project.  There will continue to be on-street parking and the wider sidewalk, or pedestrian area, will include room for on-street dining.  The goal is to develop Tolleson's Downtown into an active, vibrant place to live, work, play, shop and eat.  The Paseo de Luces improvements will provide an opportunity for Tolleson to become recognized as a cultural destination, while keeping its small-town feel.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in time for Luces de Navidad 2014, scheduled for December 13-14, 2014.

Key milestones for the project are tentatively scheduled as follows:

  • January - February 2014:  Storm Drain Construction

  • February - May 2014: North Side of Van Buren Construction

  • May - October 2014: South Side of Van Buren Construction

  • March - September 2014: Plaza Construction (near Tolleson Elementary School District)

  • October - November 2014: Final Paving, Striping, Signage and Furnishings

Previously, the design team held meetings to solicit input and comments with area businesses, seniors, Teen Council, residents, and property owners.  The information from these meetings was used by the project team to develop initial concepts for the general theme and character of the improvements (see images below). 

The project also included a branding component for identifying and marketing the Downtown.  From input generated at meetings with City of Tolleson staff, businesses, residents, seniors, and teens, the brand "Paseo de Luces" or "Path of Lights" (at left) was developed based on the following brand proposition: 

Tolleson honors its vibrant history with an enthusiastic eye toward the future. A community tightly woven together, generations of families celebrating a quality of life bound equally to deep roots in the soil and as an emerging technology and industry leader.  Its culture reflects a respect for the elders that founded an identity anchored in an agrarian and Hispanic past while also emphasizing vibrancy and activity that will engage new generations of residents and visitors. A small town with big ideas, Tolleson boasts a unique blueprint for maintaining balance between a glorious yesterday and an exhilarating tomorrow, welcoming opportunity and progress with generous hearts, industrious hands and open minds.

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For project information or comments,

please e-mail us or contact our hotline at 602-532-6100.

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Project Hotline:  602.532.6100

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